2 die in Tesla crash – Report claims “no one was in driver seat” | Website page 63

Pamela G. Knowles
You necessarily mean like the the greater part of the speculation in this thread?

The image posted in response to my remark reveals plainly demonstrates the seat was upright so that savings my speculation.

You may possibly feel safer in your Tesla than any other vehicle. I don’t.

Avoidance of an accident vs survivability of an incident are two various things. Personally, I’m not guaranteed where by my Tesla falls in both of these types. As an more mature driver I discover the reliance on me touching the display precisely for a variety of crucial driving features is a main distraction and distracted drivers have a lot more incidents.

As for surviving in a crash, I am not certain of the superiority of my Tesla over my outdated Prius V which at least experienced curtain airbag rear seat protection in a facet-influence collision. That is anything that is important to not only moms and dads but also to me because on very long outings I journey in the again seat so I can operate whilst not undertaking my flip at the wheel. The truth that my ‘wonderful’ Tesla has this security engineering compromise and is a downgrade from my 2012 Prius is a main disappointment.

Just one of the explanations I’ve been reading through this thread so intently is worry about my means to get out of my automobile in an emergency (stemminf from my belief that the driver moved to the back again seat when not able to exit from the entrance doors.) At the very least now I know where by the concealed back seat doorway launch is in my ModelY and will modify that to make it much more available. The odds are much higher than zero that I will be in that backseat in an incident.

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