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Influenza, or the flu, is a extremely infectious respiratory health issues. As nicely as the common symptoms, there are a selection of attainable complications that may arise with the flu, some of which can be rather risky.

Each individual flu period, the flu affects all over 8% of the populace of the United States.

Particular teams of folks have a larger possibility of building reasonable-to-intense issues from the flu. These teams involve young small children, more mature older people, pregnant people, and people with chronic underlying clinical circumstances.

This report outlines some attainable difficulties of the flu, together with their associated treatment method possibilities. It also offers data on the folks most at hazard of creating flu troubles and provides advice on when to get in touch with a medical professional.

Difficulties from the flu can assortment from average to critical. In some scenarios, they can be life threatening.

The sections under will appear at some of these probable flu problems in extra element.

Sinus and ear bacterial infections

The flu virus might lead to swelling and infection of the sinuses or ears.

Signs or symptoms of a sinus infection include:

  • mucus in the throat
  • nasal congestion
  • a runny or drippy nose
  • throat discomfort
  • environmentally friendly or yellow nasal mucus
  • problems at the entrance of the head
  • tenderness in the encounter, particularly all around the nose spot
  • tooth or upper jaw ache
  • negative breath
  • fever
  • exhaustion

Symptoms of an ear infection contain:

  • earache
  • itching or discomfort in the ear
  • a feeling of fullness or pressure in the ear
  • discharge from the ear
  • trouble listening to
  • fever


Remedy alternatives for a sinus or ear an infection might contain:


Bronchitis is the medical phrase for swelling of the big airways in the lungs. The problem can be short time period (acute) or very long term and recurrent (long-term). The flu virus usually leads to acute bronchitis.

Signs of bronchitis contain:


Most scenarios of acute bronchitis very clear up within a number of weeks devoid of the require for professional medical therapy.

Having said that, the following house treatment plans may perhaps assist aid recovery or reduce signs:


The flu can bring about numerous indications that might lead to fluid decline and dehydration.

Some illustrations of these symptoms include things like:

Symptoms of dehydration incorporate:

  • dim yellow urine
  • significantly less frequent urination
  • dry skin, mouth, or eyes
  • a deficiency of tears in infants


Men and women who have the flu ought to consume lots of fluids to support stop dehydration.

Also, the next selections will assist substitute misplaced electrolytes:

  • broth
  • fruit juices
  • sporting activities drinks

Individuals with serious dehydration will have to have intravenous (IV) fluids in a healthcare facility.


Pneumonia is the clinical phrase for an infection in a person or both lungs.

The flu virus can invade the lungs, triggering viral pneumonia. It can also bring about a secondary, or superimposed, bacterial an infection that final results in bacterial pneumonia.

Signs of pneumonia include:

  • a cough that provides green, yellow, or bloody mucus
  • shortness of breath or fast, shallow respiratory
  • upper body suffering
  • an inability to just take a deep breath
  • fever
  • nausea and vomiting
  • loss of appetite
  • exhaustion
  • confusion


Procedure solutions for pneumonia depend on the kind of pneumonia a man or woman has and its severity.

Some achievable treatment method possibilities include things like:

  • antibiotics to take care of bacterial pneumonia
  • ache relievers, these kinds of as acetaminophen and ibuprofen
  • relaxation
  • fluids

Men and women who acquire severe pneumonia are probably to involve treatment in a clinic. For example, they may perhaps need IV fluids, oxygen, or respiratory assistance employing a mechanical ventilator.

Irritation of the heart, mind, or muscle tissues

In exceptional situations, the flu virus can induce infection and inflammation of the mind, coronary heart, or muscular tissues. An an infection of the mind or coronary heart can result in severe and likely daily life threatening problems.

Encephalitis is the clinical term for inflammation of the brain. Indicators may perhaps consist of:

  • headache
  • confusion
  • eyesight problems
  • fever
  • seizures

Myocarditis is the health care phrase for inflammation of the heart. Symptoms may possibly involve:

Myositis is the professional medical time period for swelling of the muscles. Signs and symptoms might include:

  • muscle weak point
  • muscle tenderness
  • muscle mass swelling
  • issue carrying out day to day responsibilities, these as:
    • climbing stairs
    • rising from a chair
    • lifting or holding objects


Some prospective remedy possibilities for encephalitis and myocarditis contain:

  • antiviral drugs to concentrate on viral will cause, this sort of as herpes
  • antibiotics to focus on bacterial results in
  • steroid injections to suppress the immune program and management swelling
  • immunoglobulin remedy, which utilizes prescription drugs to support control the immune process

Procedure selections for myositis contain:


Sepsis is an intense and most likely life threatening immune technique response to infection. In sepsis, the immune process goes into overdrive and commences attacking healthful cells, tissues, and organs in the physique.

The flu virus can induce sepsis or a secondary bacterial infection that sales opportunities to sepsis.

Some attainable indications and indications of sepsis involve:

  • an unusually significant or lower temperature
  • minimal blood strain
  • an enhanced coronary heart rate
  • shortness of breath
  • extreme suffering or soreness
  • psychological alterations, such as confusion or uncommon sleepiness


Without having prompt procedure, sepsis can direct to organ failure and dying.

A person who has sepsis will need speedy hospitalization. They must get antibiotic treatment as soon as a healthcare experienced can make a analysis.

Some people may well also involve breathing aid applying a ventilator or surgical procedure to eliminate areas of an infection.

Worsening of existing wellbeing ailments

The flu can also worsen sure serious well being situations, such as:

Some circumstances can also weaken the immune technique, earning it more challenging for a person’s system to struggle the flu virus. Examples of these disorders involve diabetic issues and HIV.

Owning an existing medical condition also increases the risk of establishing flu troubles.


Running any present problems and acquiring antiviral medicine as shortly as flu signs and symptoms establish can lower signs or symptoms and assistance protect against complications.

Certain aspects — these types of as age, treatment use, and fundamental well being issues — can have an affect on how the body responds to the flu virus.

According to the Facilities for Condition Regulate and Prevention (CDC), people in the next groups are at increased possibility of developing flu troubles:

  • folks around the age of 65 years
  • children below the age of 5 years, especially people less than the age of 2 several years
  • persons beneath the age of 19 many years who take extended-term medicines that contains aspirin or salicylate
  • individuals having corticosteroids or medications to suppress the immune process
  • expecting individuals

The CDC also notes that the pursuing overall health conditions can also enhance a person’s threat of developing flu issues:

People today at chance of creating flu troubles need to assure that they acquire once-a-year vaccines.

The CDC recommends the annual flu vaccine for everyone around 6 months of age and anyone who is at threat of establishing issues from the flu.

The CDC also recommends the pneumonia, or pneumococcal, vaccine for little ones less than 2 many years of age, grown ups over 65 a long time of age, people with specified healthcare ailments, and people today who smoke cigarettes.

If a particular person is at threat of developing flu complications, they should contact a health care provider as before long as they practical experience signs. Obtaining antiviral drugs in 2 days of acquiring symptoms can reduce symptom severity and period and reduce the possibility of troubles.

The CDC endorses that kids receive fast health care interest if they practical experience any of the next symptoms:

  • a adjust in respiratory or problem respiration
  • a blue tinge to the encounter or lips
  • muscle mass discomfort, which could make them not want to wander
  • recurrent cough or fever
  • a deficiency of alertness
  • seizures
  • a fever better than 104°F (40°C) in children in excess of 12 weeks of age or a fever of any type in young children under 12 months of age
  • any signs of dehydration, such as:
    • a deficiency of urine for 8 hrs
    • a dry mouth
    • crying without tears
  • worsening of existing wellness situations

The CDC suggests that grown ups seek out speedy health-related consideration for any of the next indicators:

  • problem respiration or shortness of breath
  • persistent pain in the upper body or stomach
  • recurrent cough or fever
  • muscle mass ache
  • weak spot or unsteadiness
  • dehydration
  • dizziness
  • a new condition of confusion or an lack of ability to wake
  • seizures
  • worsening of present overall health conditions

The flu is a hugely contagious respiratory ailment that may perhaps guide to complications. Specific teams of men and women are at improved chance of establishing flu difficulties. These contain young children, older grown ups, and people with underlying health situations.

People today must speak to a doctor straight absent if they are in an at-chance team and they establish any signs of the flu.

Getting the annual flu vaccine reduces a person’s chance of acquiring the flu. For people today who do get the flu, getting antiviral drugs as soon as signs or symptoms appear could aid minimize symptom severity and duration as very well as lessen the risk of intense issues.

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