Dos and don’ts of swaddling: A guideline for new parents

Pamela G. Knowles

By Dr Suresh Gowda

Swaddling is a way of wrapping a newborn in a blanket to make him or her feel safe and sound and cosy. It also stops the startle reflex from waking the little one up. This system has been made use of by mothers and fathers for thousands of a long time. Swaddling is a great way to quiet down fussy babies. Several mothers and fathers swaddle their toddlers to aid them rest for for a longer period intervals of time. It can be made use of to relaxed a baby who is crying for no obvious cause, as very long as they are fed and have a clean up diaper. Recall that newborn babies are dealing with a big changeover, understanding to adapt to an surroundings that is radically different from that of their mothers’ wombs. Swaddling your baby will make them sense shielded and delighted, just as they did in their initially residence.

Swaddling is a way of imitating the warmth of the womb. This exclusive technique of calming a newborn is taught to dad and mom, but is it safe and sound? Is there a correct and erroneous way to swaddle a toddler if which is the circumstance?

A step-by-action demonstration of how to adequately swaddle an toddler.

  • Spread the blanket flat with just one corner folded down to swaddle the baby.

  • Put the toddler on the blanket deal with-up, her head just higher than the folded corner.

  • Straighten her still left arm and wrap the blanket’s still left corner about her neck, tucking it concerning her suitable arm and the correct facet of her human body.

  • Fold or twist the blanket’s bottom loosely and tuck it less than one particular of the baby’s arms.

  • Look at to see if her hips can go and if the blanket is far too close. According to the specialist, you must be in a position to suit two or three fingers between the baby’s upper body and the swaddle.


  1. Stick to the “Safe to Sleep” suggestions. To support minimize the chance of SIDS, all babies need to be put on their backs though sleeping.

  2. The value of burping your boy or girl can not be overstated. Though it is great if your child doesn’t burp after each individual food, it is a excellent notion to consider burping your little one because it will enable protect against bowel gasoline later.

  3. It’s crucial to keep an eye on infants to make guaranteed they don’t slide over. It is advised that you swaddle your newborn till he or she is 2-3 months outdated to avoid them from rolling more than.

  4. Keep an eye on your baby’s arousal level. Babies that are swaddled slumber for extended periods of time, having said that lowered arousal may indicate a problem.

  5. Before managing your toddler, clean your arms. Considering that your baby’s immune system is nevertheless developing, it may be quite weak. They are vulnerable to all kinds of bacterial infections because of to their evolving immune techniques. Make confident you scrub your fingers extensively to continue to keep your little one risk-free and cost-free of bacterial infections.

  6. Feed, crack, and swaddle up for a nap in this buy. When their stomachs are entire, all infants are sleeping beauties. A person of the most typical approaches to assist toddlers slumber is to nurse them to sleep. Enabling your newborn to fall asleep on his or her possess would make lifestyle simpler for you. Generally depart a compact hole amongst breastfeeding and nap time for your toddler.

Look at to see if her hips can transfer and if the blanket is much too shut. According to the professional, you ought to be equipped to fit two or three fingers involving the baby’s chest and the swaddle. (Image: Pixabay)


  1. Really do not swaddle your newborn too tightly due to the fact it could obstruct his actual physical expansion. Make certain he has more than enough space at the hips to shift his legs up and out. He’ll be much more probably to expertise hip issues if you swaddle him way too tightly, with his legs squeezed with each other and straight down (hip dysplasia).

  2. Make sure your baby’s neck and deal with aren’t coated by the towel, and that he does not overheat. Swaddle your toddler with a thin sheet or muslin. Make confident he’s comfortable by examining his temperature on a normal basis. The objective is to make him sense secure relatively than hold him warm by swaddling him.

  3. Swaddling must not be introduced until finally the toddler is two or a few months previous, when the danger of SIDS is best. It’s most effective to swaddle from birth and for daytime and nighttime rest.

  4. If your boy or girl is getting cared for by a person else, make absolutely sure they realize how to adequately swaddle him. Demonstrate them how you do it and make sure they recognize that your little one must be placed on his back to rest.

  5. It is up to you how very long your toddler stays in his swaddle every single time, as long as his hips and legs are cost-free to move and he appears relaxed and articles. Throughout breastfeeding, you could want to remove his swaddling to give you and your child some distinctive skin-to-pores and skin time.

  6. Spend notice to your baby’s alerts on when it is time to rest. If your infant begins to kick off his swaddle on a typical basis, it’s a sign he doesn’t like it.

(The writer is Specialist Paediatrician & Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Bangalore)

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