Hitting a Tesla will summon a self-pit maneuver

Pamela G. Knowles

Teslas are among the safest automobiles on the highway. This is proven by their stellar safety rankings amongst tests companies these as the NHTSA and the Euro-NCAP. A fantastic cause powering this is the vehicles’ very low centre of gravity, which is designed feasible by cars’ battery packs, which are very low on the ground. 

Batteries are heavy, and looking at that Tesla’s electric cars are equipped with huge battery packs, they also are inclined to get really hefty. The Product X, presently the greatest motor vehicle in Tesla’s lineup, weighs in excess of 5,000 lbs, and the Model 3, at this time the smallest in the company’s lineup, is continue to a quite weighty car at close to 3,500 to 4,000 lbs. 

This means that a Tesla traveling on the highway is at the very least a 3,500-lb chunk of metal that has a quite lower centre of gravity. Pair this with Autopilot’s lane-retaining capabilities and a single would have a incredibly secure motor vehicle. A vehicle, which, as could be observed in a recently shared TeslaCam movie, could lead to what could really effectively be one particular of the most unfortunate unsuccessful pit maneuvers ever. 

As observed by Redditor u/xeavalt, his close friend, who owns a Design 3, was driving on a freeway on Autopilot when he encountered a Nissan Sentra driving aggressively. Above the system of the shorter movie, the Nissan could be found fast approaching the Tesla from powering. The driver of the Sentra seemingly attempted to overtake the Model 3, but he ended up undertaking a pit maneuver alternatively. 

Had the Product 3 been a light motor vehicle, these kinds of a crash, particularly at freeway pace, would have prompted a little something exceptionally serious and most likely even tragic. But fortuitously for the Tesla owner, his Model 3’s excess weight resulted in the Nissan Sentra bouncing off the electrical car or truck prior to crashing into the highway barrier. 

According to fellow Reddit user u/rorlover11, who owns the Product 3, his car or truck was on Autopilot all through the time of the crash. Thanks in part to the driver-assist system’s lane-preserving abilities, Autopilot managed the collision like a champ. The exact same was not accurate for the Nissan Sentra. In later reviews, the Product 3 proprietor remarked that the Nissan’s driver was simply distracted, so it would seem that the failed pit maneuver was accidental. 

In the long run, the crash is a really reliable reminder that it is hazardous to strike Teslas on the highway. And when they are on Autopilot, hitting a Tesla is an even even worse plan. 

Check out the significant-speed Tesla Product 3 crash in the video clip down below. 

What if our autos ᵏᶦˢˢᵉᵈ on the highway 👉👈 🥺 from r/IdiotsInCars

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