How Phobia Treatment Therapist Can Chase your Fears Away

Pamela G. Knowles
Fear of the Unknown: Causes, Symptoms, Risk Factors, & Treatment

Phobias are not just fear of things, it can be described as extreme fear of a thing, an event or a person. Phobias can be a big problem if it affects a person’s life in an extreme way. For instance, a person can be jobless because he is suffering from social phobia. With this concern how can a person be able to grow and live independently when he fears talking and socializing with people. Phobia treatment therapist can be the person you are looking for if you are experiencing a fear that is preventing you from living the life you want. 

There are a lot of people asking how to treat phobia? or what is the most effective treatment for phobias? However, phobias are different from one person from the other. Determining your greatest phobia should be the first thing you should do. 

Specific Phobia Treatment

For each phobia there are specific methods to be used in order to correct them or make the person overcome it. A therapist would evaluate how you react to your phobias, so they would know what methods are suitable to use during your therapy sessions.  There are a lot of possible treatments for phobias, since people’s reactions also vary a  lot. So therapists need to determine first which one can work for you. 

Exposure Therapy 

One of the best treatments for phobias is exposure therapy. The therapy process is simple, for each session patients are exposed to their phobias in a gradual way. For instance people who are afraid of spiders can be exposed to spiders on their fist session for an hour, the next session they extend it for another hour which makes it two hours and so on. BY doing this the person can master how to counter his reaction every time he is exposed to his phobia. During the process your therapist will aid you in calming yourself as you get exposed to your phobias. They will be teaching you techniques on how to relax during your exposure therapy. 

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Some phobias are created out of beliefs and that are imaginary in nature. For these kinds of phobia the mind should be set to know the difference of reality and imagination. Behavior and thoughts are interconnected with each other, that’s why keeping the mind from overthinking or imagining can help control how people react. In CBT patients are taught how to control their thoughts from things that create their phobia, replacing inaccurate thought to accurate ones is one of the methods used in CBT. By doing this practice you can train your mind to focus on more realistic things that can happen. Remember these things when undergoing CBT:

  • Keep in mind that you are experiencing a phobia.
  • Put in Mind that the episode will be over soon.
  • Pay attention to the thoughts that trigger your fear.
  • Replace inaccurate thoughts to more realistic ones. 

Your cooperation in channelling your thoughts is very relevant since your therapist can not do it for you. In undergoing therapy self-help is needed as well as teaming up with your therapist can be of big help.

Mindfulness Training 

When we are afraid of something our minds seem to drift, and we go out of focus. This can result from getting eaten by your fear and when this happens you are out of control. Training our mind to focus can be helpful in overcoming our fears. Therapists can help us with this by using   skills in motivating and aiding patients to train their minds to calm and control their thoughts. 

 Management of phobia is not easy that’s why therapists are there to help you. Phobia treatment therapist can be the person you are looking for. If you are bothered by your phobia it’s time to act immediately, don’t procrastinate your therapy, giving solutions to things that bothers us immediately can prevent us from making the situation worse. Approach your therapist now and get the help you need. Phobia is not a small problem especially if it hinders you from having a normal life. Get the professional help you need and see a better life ahead of you without fearing anything. Contact your therapist now and overcome that phobia!

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