Is a 2-working day-aged story breaking information? 2 Tv stations in Pa. fight it out

If a tree falls in a storm, is it breaking news?

What if news of the toppled tree was two days outdated, but one particular Tv set station in the aggressive Pittsburgh media market didn’t report it until finally Friday?

Is it nonetheless breaking news? Or is it the remaining straw showing the trite, about-utilized media label ‘breaking news’ is utterly damaged?

Pittsburgh ABC affiliate WTAE plainly achieved the breaking issue, contacting out rival station WPXI for staying tardy with the tree information: “A two-working day-aged tale is not breaking information,” WTAE tweeted about its competitor’s sluggish-walked tree tale.

The ABC station then joined to its individual story on the felled tree, dated May possibly 26. Now, that is scooping the competitors!

The tart tweet by WTAE seems to have now been deleted, but loads of intense reader reaction it stirred stays:

With that shot, fired Friday night, a Television war about the hugely around-applied ‘breaking news’ label had begun.

It experienced Pittsburghers breaking out the popcorn for the media tit-for-tat playing out on Twitter.

The spat was well known enough to catch the eye of the media reporter at the Pittsburgh Write-up-Gazette, who didn’t appear to be to know what to make of the breaking again-and-forth, other than it was a uncommon display of open up animosity among Pittsburgh media market heavyweights.

In a story topped with a symbolic picture of King Kong duking it out with Godzilla, Put up reporter Joshua Axelrod wrote this in portion:

WPXI tweeted about a downed tree, and WTAE quotation-tweeted with the surprising barb, “A two-working day outdated tale is NOT breaking information,” and connected to a equivalent tale on its website dated Might 26.

That’s 1 of Pittsburgh’s most outstanding news stations having a shot at a single of its greatest rivals about, evidently, the pretty idea of what qualifies as “breaking information.”

It is not totally crystal clear if both of those WPXI and WTAE were even referring to the similar tale or why WTAE chose to toss barbs on this wet Friday night in excess of a tweet that didn’t even label itself as breaking news.

But why allow details get in the way of a breaking media war about the entirely broken phrase of ‘breaking information?’

Just after all, juicy media miffs make for terrific materials on Twitter. In his column, Axelrod linked a long line of tweets from interested observers plainly making the most of the Television set tete-a-tete and cheering on the entertaining tussle amid two neighborhood stations:

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