Long Haul Truck Drivers Must Know Tips And Tricks!

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Driving for a long time can be exhausting, truckers get this experience a lot when they have to drive long distances to deliver parcels that should reach the destination on a calculated time. In these cases drivers should be alert and awake to avoid accidents. Shipping companies hire drivers who are responsible enough to keep themselves alert, so they can fulfill their duties. Get your delivery safe and unscratched with Sure Logix Shipping And Logistics Management. To help the drivers here are some Long Haul Truck Driver Must Know Tips And Tricks! To have a better trip. 

What Are The 5 Safe Driving Rules That Each Truck Driver Must Follow?

Bring your Driver’s License and Permits Needed 

Make sure to always bring your Driver’s license plus your registration to be able to get a cargo tank number from Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Make sure to be familiar with the additional requirement if you are carrying materials that are restricted like hazardous substances for instance. In that way you won’t get delayed.

Working Hours 

For safety purposes the FMCSA has put a regulation on working hours for long truck haul drivers . Drivers driving a 14-hour window must not work for  more than 11 cumulative hours and should have 10 hours rest. Drivers are also required to have a logbook where their working hours are recorded. 

Be Familiar With Safety Regulations 

Follow safety road regulations at all times, especially since you are carrying a heavy load. Accidents might be more prone on your part. To be safe make sure to always review your safety regulations as well as get updated with the rules where you are entering so you can keep up on any destination you arrive at. 

Never Drink and Drive

Whether driving for work or most drivers are not allowed to be intoxicated since it is risky. As a professional truck drivers never drink and drive for your own safety and to be able to accomplish your work without any hassle. 

Be Equipped 

Accidents are unavoidable. Make sure that you bring the right tools and equipment just in case you get troubles on your way. Help may be available but might not be there immediately. Getting educated on how to handle situations while waiting for the help will be a good skill for a driver. 

How Long Can A Long-haul Driver Drive Per Day?

11 hours a day is the standard time allowed for truck drivers and are mandated to take 10 hours rest after each drive. This will give enough time for the body to rest and be alert enough to do another long drive. 

How Long-haul Truck Drivers Stay Sane On The Road?

Going on a long drive can be exhausting and can make your mind wonder. That’s why 14 hours is seen to be the maximum length a person can drive in a 24-hour period. The body needs rest to be able to gain its strength again. 

What Should Every Truck Driver Have?

First Aid Kit 

Long drives will mean the availability of help will not be reliable immediately, bringing a first aid kit can help you in case of emergencies. Keeping one on your truck should be a must. 

Tire Pressure Gauge 

Regular tire checking should be done on your way to make sure your tires are in good condition. Tire pressure gauge can help you know if your tire needs changing and having one can help you avoid accidents.

Expanding File Folders

To have more organized documents in your truck, keeping them in expanding file folders will be a good way to protect them from getting crumpled, lost or wet. 

How much is Long Haul Truck Driver Salary?

The average hourly rate of a truck driver is $19.40 per hour but this may vary according to several factors such as locations or deliveries made per year. 

Long Haul Truck Driver Must Know Tips And Tricks! Can help them have a more secured drive as well as perform their duties without too much trouble. It’s better to be prepared than to be caught up in a situation where you get stuck in the middle of the road without a back up. So be Ready!

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