Moms and dads weigh in on piercing an infant’s ears

Pamela G. Knowles

To pierce or not to pierce an infant’s ears? It can be a problem that moms and dads have debated for decades. For some people, ear piercing is a cultural custom. Other folks simply just like the way it seems to be.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West even sparked a energetic dialogue about irrespective of whether it is correct for dad and mom to have their very young children’s ears pierced when they experienced their daughter North West’s ears pierced as a little one.

Piercing newborn ears

For decades, piercing newborn ears has been a scorching parenting topic.

A 2015 letter signed “Leave These Young children Alone” in the Pittsburg Post-Gazette’s suggestions column referred to as toddler ear piercing “borderline little one abuse.”

“The kid absolutely has no enter in the decision,” the letter argued. “Why not get the toddler some really amazing tattoos as properly?”

The Write-up-Gazette’s Expensive Mary Ann responded that while controversial in components of the U.S., toddler girls in quite a few other nations around the world generally leave the medical center “with her minor gold studs in location.” Mary Ann concludes there is no proper or incorrect solution. To pierce or not to pierce a baby’s ears — like so several other aesthetic decisions — is firmly a parent’s prerogative.

In a reaction piece, a blogger at CafeMom penned “Parents Who Pierce Their Baby’s Ears Are Just Simple Cruel,” agreeing with the letter writer that piercing a baby’s ears is “vain and unwanted.”

“Here you have this fantastic minimal angel who is sugar and spice and everything pleasant — and you want to go pierce two small holes as a result of her earlobes and trigger her ache only due to the fact you consider she’ll look sweet in a pair of coronary heart-shaped studs?”

Newborn ear piercing

Roxana Soto, co-founder of Spanglish Baby, a useful resource for moms and dads boosting bilingual little ones, stepped forward to defend toddler ear piercing in a CafeMom rebuttal.

“For Latina moms, piercing their newborn girls’ ears has almost nothing to do with vainness. It is simply just a cultural tradition,” wrote Soto, and co-author of the e book “Bilingual is Much better.” “So substantially so that I freaked out when I realized my initial kid was a lady for the reason that I experienced no notion where by I would consider her to get her ears pierced.”

So which is it: a harmless cultural custom and a matter of private style, or a distressing, unwanted ordeal inflicted by dad and mom?

“I truthfully do not have an understanding of why some individuals care and why some moms have manufactured these kinds of a massive deal of piercing baby’s ears,” Soto instructed Today Mother and father.

Her information for parents who disagree with the observe? Just never do it for your toddler.

When her daughter was born, it was difficult for Soto to obtain another person who would pierce her newborn’s ears in Denver. Right after four months of contacting pediatricians’ office environment and “getting nowhere,” she brought her little one to a “kiddie salon” that specializes in boy or girl and tween ear piercing.

“I really do not care what some others imagine,” Soto described. “Because we’re talking about my daughter and about one thing absolutely harmless that is totally regular in my lifestyle.”

Gina Crosley-Corcoran, a doula and mom of 3, recalled how loved ones and mates begun inquiring her when she was heading to get her toddler Jolene’s ears pierced. Jolene’s father is Mexican, and Crosely-Corcoran had her have ears done prior to she was previous sufficient to try to remember it.

But Crosley-Corcoran stuck to her guns, outlining that, amid other points, she’s not a “huge enthusiast of inflicting suffering on (her) small children with no professional medical advantage in any way.”

“Babies are however people,” Crosley-Corcoran told These days Dad and mom. “Not our private residence.”

The way she sees it, there are selected choices that folks ought to make for them selves at the time they achieve the age of consent. For her, ear piercing is an challenge of bodily integrity, and not anything mothers and fathers must choose for their daughters prior to they can pick for on their own.

Receiving babies’ ears pierced

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ internet site says ear piercing is safe for cosmetic motives at any age. When it comes to preventing earlobe infection, though, the academy cautions dad and mom as a standard guideline to “postpone the piercing until finally your youngster is mature more than enough to take treatment of the pierced site herself.”

Dr. Tanya Altmann, a pediatrician in West Lake Village, California, and spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, routinely pierces babies’ ears in her workplace, but she does favor to hold out right until her patients are at minimum 4 months previous so that they’ve had two rounds of vaccinations and have been supplied a clean up monthly bill of well being.

“Anytime you pierce the pores and skin, you have a chance of an infection,” Altmann mentioned. “And that chance is constantly larger if you are piercing a baby’s ear outside of a doctor’s place of work setting.”

That said, she points out that she hardly ever sees infections in the infants she pierces, considering the fact that moms are cautious to implement rubbing liquor or an antibiotic ointment to their ears two times a working day in the course of the therapeutic approach.

In truth, Altmann factors out, more mature children have a tendency to contact their ears and play with their new very little earrings much additional so than infants, raising the chance of an infection soon after ear piercing.


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