Tips to Help You Achieve a Farmhouse-Style Living Room

Pamela G. Knowles

The farmhouse interior design prioritizes the comfort and practicality of the place and is dependent on readily available materials like wood, steel, and iron. It requires the use of natural colors and white tones instead of bright and dark ones. You don’t need to match every item in your home to achieve this style, unlike modern design that is meticulous in matching elements and features. With this, you can pair a vintage chair with an antique table and modern handmade cushions.

Are you amazed by the simplicity of the farmhouse interior design that you are now planning to incorporate in your living room? The process would be very easy as long as you use gray, whites, and blacks for furniture pieces while yellow, blue, or green as accent colors. It does not require heavy planning as compared to other interior design styles. We have listed some important tips below that you must know to have a farmhouse-style living room.

  1. Bring nature indoors

For you to truly achieve a farmhouse style, you have to bring nature indoors through the use of decorative elements and furniture pieces made from natural materials. You may purchase handmade cushions with colors usually seen from the environment like green and brown. Buy eucalyptus branches and olive trees instead of tropical plants because they have a greater contribution to the realization of your desired style.

  1. Repurpose furniture pieces and decorative elements

The good thing about farmhouse interior design is that it allows you to repurpose old furniture pieces and decorative elements instead of purchasing new ones. You can use your family’s vintage heirloom as a decorative accent. But if you don’t have one, you may opt to display vintage-inspired items. For instance, you may purchase handmade cushions with vintage patterns and colors to help you have a distressed look, necessary in farmhouse style. 

  1. Make the place appear open, inviting, and welcoming

When designing your living room, you have to ensure that it will look open, inviting, and welcoming. Since it is where your guests will usually stay, you must prioritize function above all else. Think about a comfortable sitting area with aesthetically pleasing handmade cushions, large storage cabinets, and large block islands. It is recommended to use natural colors for the handmade cushions to make the place look brighter and welcoming. It is also important to use open shelving or glass-front cabinets as decorative accents to improve the visual appeal of the place.

  1. Use items with high craftsmanship

Aside from functionality, farmhouse style also takes into consideration high-quality craftsmanship. It is recommended to use handmade cushions instead of purchasing ready-made ones. In this way, you can showcase your creativity in designing handmade cushions as well as the skills of the ones who manufacture them. You may also think about breathtaking cabinets, area rugs, and windows. 

  1. Use neutral colors for the walls

One of the most important ways that will help you achieve a farmhouse-style living room is by using neutral colors for the walls. Avoid using dark or bright paint colors in any part of the room. Make sure to use the same colors for your handmade cushions and other decorative items to make it appear more spacious than it actually is. The most common mistake committed by homeowners is that they were usually playing safe and use white as the only color of the living room. You are free to use soft beiges, creams, and gray color schemes for a farmhouse look.

  1. Purchase farmhouse light fixtures

Aside from buying handmade cushions, you must also purchase farmhouse light fixtures. The most popular item today is the candle chandelier as it is very traditional. Pendant lighting is another great option if you are eyeing the same look and feel but at a more affordable price. If you plan to make it as the focal point or statement piece, you have to buy large-sized light fixtures so that they can attract the attention of every guest. 

In a Nutshell

Farmhouse style was formed decades ago but it just recently became popular. Knowing this, you might not be able to fully grasp the way it should look and feel so the tips above can help you achieve a farmhouse-style living room!

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